Construction of the skate park continues

Construction works of the skatepark on the New Boulevard are actively continuing. Within the framework of the project, contouring of relief areas intended for skateboarding, arrangement of decorative arches, pump tracks and underground communication network has already been completed. At this stage, spectators stands, rest areas and adapted toilets are being arranged. The new sports infrastructure will be integrated with the existing green cover, but the park design includes filling the area with new plantings. The international level multi-functional sports space, covering an area of 4800 sq.m., will host local and international level events. Construction works are being carried out in accordance with the standards of the World Skateboard Federation within the framework of the "Batumi Boulevard Development Plan".


The public legal entity “Batumi Boulevard” is a legal entity of public law created on the basis of the property of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara in accordance with the Law of Georgia

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